Jun 22, 2002

Lots of familiar faces in Oak Park these past two days. Yesterday, my mother stopped in on her way to DeKalb; she spent the very hot afternoon walking through the park with me and Anna, and then enjoyed dinner with us and Erin before driving on. Today, our Peace Corps friend Erika Rundiks and her darling daughter Isla flew in from Denver (Erika’s husband, Kevin Anderson, has to travel to Florida this week). This afternoon, we all went to see TJ and Chris Nolan and their children, Isabella and Charlie. They live a mile from this house where we’re staying, and, thankfully, had just installed central air conditioning earlier this week. So, we shared deep dish Chicago-style pizza in their cool home.

Last week in Cleveland, Joanne Shaughnessy taught me how to make strawbery jam. This week, I bought a case of mangoes, and today, in a spare hour, I made a batch of mango jam. Kiwi were also on sale at Jewel supermarket; I wonder if I can make kiwi jelly. Tune in tomorrow …

Anton Zuiker

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