Straight Man

Jun 11, 2002

We’re in Cleveland for the week; Anna is having a ball playing with her cousin, Lily Shaughnessy. (For those of you itching for pictures, please be patient. I’ll try to get some new images on the site early next week. I have 300 shots on my digital camera, but I’m having difficulty getting them to the web.)

Last night, I went to Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Shaker Square, my old neighborhood, to hear novelist Richard Russo read from his book, Empire Falls, which won the Pulitzer Prize this year. Russo, who I heard 5 years ago at John Carroll University, is a funny writer, and I can’t wait to get into his novel, just as soon as I finish reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s book of short stories, Interpreter of Maladies, also a Pulitzer Prize-winning book.

I’ll be back at John Carroll this weekend for my 10-year reunion. Can’t wait to swap baby pictures and work stories and travel experiences with my classmates. Elmer Abbo and Bridget McGuinness and Joe Cimperman will be there. Joe recently got engaged to Galen Schuerlein, who’s an important consigliere to Cleveland’s new mayor, Jane Campbell.

Anton Zuiker

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