May 20, 2002

My mother, Cheryl Zuiker, was with us for the last few days, here to interview for principal jobs with Catholic grade schools in the area. Anna enjoyed seeing her grandmother, even if the last week has been rough on her, what with teething and a change from formula to milk and mom and dad in and out of the hospital. Mom left to return to Michigan, where she’ll finish the school year and prepare to move on. If she gets a job in North Carolina, I’ll be glad. At the moment, my family—four brothers, mother and father—are spread throughout seven different states. That makes it hard for a family reunion. My dad visited Nick in Arizona and Chris in Arkansas earlier this month; Matthew is out in Hawaii for the summer, surfing and looking for a job. I’m hoping to see my father in Chicago this summer. Erin and I will be housesitting in Oak Park, just a mile from TJ and Chris Nolan. Can’t wait for that reunion.

Anton Zuiker

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