Follow that son

May 12, 2002

On this Mother’s Day, my brother, Matthew, is flying to Honolulu; Mom left him off at O’Hare Airport, and Matt will be in Hawaii for the next three months. I found him by phone in San Francisco just before he was boarding the flight to Honolulu, and he surprised me by saying his reading material for the flight was a history book on Freud. ‘I’m very interested in dreams,’ he said. Dad and Dot, who have been visiting Chris and Elizabeth and their sons in Arkansas this past week, return to Hawaii tomorrow.

Another brother, Nick, called me tonight, on his way home from work at the fire station in Arizona. He’s still working on a cow he bought for $150 from a travelling salesman. Nick loves his new house, where he lives with some buddies. They have a pool and a barbecue, where he grills his beef every night.

Anton Zuiker

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