The soup angel

May 3, 2002

Erin’s mother, Joanne Shaughnessy, is with us for the week to assist Erin in her recovery from a tonsillectomy on Wednesday. She’s filled our apartment with heavenly aromas of soup: Wednesday she cooked potato-leek-carrot soup, and today she’s making split pea soup. Erin is doing well, though the pain started to sneak around the strong painkillers today. Stay tuned.

Notice the new picture at right; click on it to see a series of photographs of the new Frank Gehry building at Case Western Reserve University. I snapped these last week when I was in Cleveland for a day of meetings and interviews.

Anthony Zuiker’s CBS television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, was the number one show in the country last week. Congratulations! His show now follows Survivor: Marquesas, and quite a few eyeballs are watching his work. I spoke with his grandmother, Betty (LaBianca)Zuiker, yesterday. She lives in Las Vegas, and she had kind words about my grandmother, Clarice (Martcie) Zuiker. ”To know her is to love her,” she said. They first met in 1936, and Betty cheered my grandmother’s busy travel schedule: she’s finishing up her Arizona stay—my dad, Joe, is visiting her now—and soon she returns to Chicago to spend the summer with Sue and Linda and their families. I learned yesterday that Erin and I will be housesitting in Oak Park, just a mile from from my cousin TJ Nolan and his wife, Chris, and their children; TJ’s brother, Jeff Nolan, lives a few miles further. Anna and we will have a great summer hanging out with our cousins. Anyone planning a mini-reunion for the Zuikers in Chicago this summer? If not, let’s start.

Anton Zuiker

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