Good company

Apr 30, 2002

It’s a busy time for us here in Carrboro, with Erin trying to finish up her coursework before getting her tonsils out tomorrow. Family news has been trickling in, but I’ve not been able to sit at the computer and convert my conversations into postings. Here are a few tidbits: Chris got a promotion at Stanley Works (which the NY Times reports is one of the many large corporations ditching, albeit legally, taxes), and with his new job comes a company car. Congratulations, Chris. Nick has been out on one fire call, to fight a brush fire in a field behind a housing area. He’ll be stationed in Northern Arizona for the next week, to relieve an understaffed part of the Forest Service there. Matt is headed to Hawaii for the summer, looking for a better job than the one he had last summer, as a kid’s camp counselor at Makiki Park. Joel and Tracey have a newly remodeled bathroom. Joel sent pictures of his visit to the Flight 93 Memorial. I’ll put those on the site later tonight.

I’m eager to get information from others in the family; I’d rather not resort to calling around to fish for news (even though Zuikers love to fish), so if you have anything to share with the family—and the world, since this is the World Wide Web—send me a message.

Anton Zuiker

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