So many branches

Apr 29, 2002

I’ve made more additions to the Zuiker Family Tree, and have received only a few changes from the family. If you are a Zuiker or somehow related to us, please take a few minutes to surf through the tree and look for places to fill in missing information.

I’m working on a story about genetic genealogy—collecting DNA samples and medical histories and matching those to a family tree—for my Northern Ohio Live column. There are many websites and companies that will use DNA samples to tell whether someone is related to you, but the next use of DNA will be to create a reference document for future generations; this could be invaluable for heading off serious disease, but it also poses some serious ethical and moral issues. Stay tuned for my column. In the meantime, post your thoughts and ideas about genetic testing and the genomic revolution in the Zuiker Chronicles Online Forum. If you haven’t seen the movie Gattaca, you might want to rent that, and then go to the Forum to share your impressions.

Anthony Zuiker, a cousin in Las Vegas who writes the hit TV show CSI, uses DNA technology in his show. If I can reach him, I’ll have an e-mail discussion about what he’s learned about the genome and its criminal and forensic uses. If you know how I can reach Anthony, please contact me.

Anton Zuiker

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