Forest service

Apr 6, 2002

Nick called the other day, and like other calls, this one was charged with his excitement. He’d just been offered a job with the Forest Service, to work on a fire engine company in North Scottsdale, Arizona. Nick is keenly focused on becoming a firefighter, and he’s been waiting for an opportunity like this. Though it’s a full-time position, it is temporary through the summer. But the experience will give him some seniority and better chances of winning a permanent position with the Forest Service next year. Nick’s predicament is that he may have to quit his job as beer vendor at the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games, where he’s discovered his heritage—Nick is the third generation of Zuikers to hawk beer at ball games—has helped him do very well. Grandpa Zuiker worked two other jobs while selling beer at nights, and my dad went to law school during the day, so maybe Nick can figue a way to fight hot fires and sell cold beers. The two just seem to go together so well.

Anton Zuiker

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