Apr 6, 2002

Face to Face with Ray My college buddy and fellow Carroll News editor Elmer Abbo is visiting this weekend, along with his friend Angelo Volandes. Both are in their final year of residency, at University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, and they’re both brilliant minds. After John Carroll University (where I knew him), Elmer went to the University of Chicago and earned both a law degree and a medical doctor degree. Angelo studied philosophy and ethics at Harvard, then went to Yale Medical School; the link at the beginning of this paragraph is to an article he wrote about a documentary film he made while at Yale. Angelo and Elmer are down this weekend to attend Double Take, a documentary film festival in Durham. The other night, we stayed up late talking with them, about medicine, public health, ethics, morality, conspicuous consumption and a whole lot more. I went to bed impressed with the breadth of their knowledge, and eager to continue my own studies. (I start a masters of medical journalism degree at UNC-Chapel Hill next August.)

Anton Zuiker

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