Twin Tavern

Apr 2, 2002

My birth day is almost over, and I’m set to finish it with a full stomach and a satiated appetite. (In a moment of dizziness, I reached my hand into the M&M jar and took a few of the candies, even though I’d promised not to.) Erin and Mom and I shared a meal, on my Dad, at 411 West in Chapel Hill, including a bottle of 2001 Peter Zemmer Pinot Grigio. This reminded me of my 21st birthday, which started out with just Mom and me at Twin Tavern in DeKalb and a few glasses of wine. It was a low-key way to turn 21, but sweet, and memorable. This morning, while Anna stayed home with Amy the babysitter, Mom and I sat outside at Caffe Driade. As we sat ouside and talked and sipped coffee and hot chocolate, large bumblebees buzzed over to me for a look. At first I was reactionary, flailing at the air to scare off the bees. Then I settled down, and was able to look each bumblebee in the eyes and thank them for coming to wish me a happy birthday.

Anton Zuiker

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