Presidents' limelight

Apr 2, 2002

Among my readings lately have been reports about past presidents. The Atlantic has a piece about Nixon and the way he reacted and responded to news that the Pentagon was spying on his administration in the early Seventies. The New Yorker ran a piece about Lyndon Johnson and the way he so swiftly rose to power in the Senate, and how he used that power to persuade his colleagues to begin the process of passing civil rights legislation. Of course, LBJ turns out to be as complex as Nixon, with his dark, bigoted and angry sides. That comes out in another New Yorker piece about Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and how utterly mean Johnson was to him. There’s a new book out about Bill Clinton. While I haven’t read it, it’s getting good reviews for its comprehensive analysis of Clinton’s legacy. I find myself wanting strong leaders, but afraid of the harsh edges of their personalities. How do you feel about leadership? Post your comments by clicking on the Comments link.

Anton Zuiker

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