Happy Birthday, Mom

Mar 27, 2002

Today is my the 56th birthday of my mother, Cheryl Anne (Sisco) Zuiker. She’s celebrating it alone in her home in Southern Michigan, so please reach out across the ‘net and share your birthday greetings with her. Click on the Comments link at the end of this post to add your best wishes.

Mom sent in this birthday essay: Life License This morning at 5:00 a.m., I called my mom and dad to thank them for giving me the gift of life 56 years ago. My Sprint connection was erratic as usual. They thought I said, Thank you for giving me license. After spending the next few minutes joyfully checking up on the details of our lives, I hung up. Moments later I received a call from the local superintendent to inform me that the fog would cause a 2 hour delay in school openings. I nestled back into my pillow to ponder the irony of life and license.
License usually something one earns or buys to operate something, to officiate at an event, or to investigate the depths of the rivers for an unknown. Life something not earned but given freely by the sacrifice of another. Life gives the license freely to the little one to go forward to experience, to enjoy, to touch, to receive, to value.
According to physics, something that is stationary will always be stationary until something other than itself moves it. Something in motion will always be in motion. Life our life thanks to God, our Creator then will always exist. What an awesome thought always.. never ending … wow. I want to thank each and every one of you who has touched my life, who has been in the stream of the journey of my soul. Times may have been bumpy. The raft at times might have capsized on the white water. But the flowers have been blooming. The sun rising and setting. How much I have experienced how much I am grateful for. Thank you for being there. What unique people you are. I love you all. Mom (and friend)

Now, to be true to my nature, a word. Always give thanks to God. Know that He made you to experience, to receive, to know Him. He loved you into Life and gave Himself freely that you might have life and have it abundantly. Please touch base with Him this Good Friday, because He cares for you. And so do I.

This is my birthday wish list: That each and every one of you will open your heart to Him, if even just a crack. His energy will do the rest. God bless!

Anton Zuiker

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