Beer, here

Mar 21, 2002

Nick called from Arizona to tell about his new job: he’ll be selling beer at the Bank One Ballpark this summer, 81 home games for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Nick will follow in the footsteps of our father, grandfather and uncles, who sold popcorn, Pepsi, ice cream and beer at Comiskey Park, Wrigley Field, Chicago Stadium and Soldiers Field in Chicago. Once, when I was 5 or 6, I was watching a White Sox game on tv in the evening, and I saw my dad pass by as he sold beer in the bleachers. Dad was putting himself through law school at DePaul University by vending at the ball games; Grandpa Zuiker raised his family by sweating through numerous games, and during his day job at the Pullman train plant he would make trinkets and trophies for the sports heroes he’d meet at night.

All you former vendors, share your memories and offer Nick some advice. Post your comments now.

Anton Zuiker

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