Mar 17, 2002

Flight 93 Memorial Joel Zuiker sent in these thoughts on the Flight 93 Memorial, which isn’t too far from in Pennsylvania: As I woke up on the morning of March 12th I decided it was time to pay my respects to my fellow Americans whom became heroes on Flight 93 that dreadful morning of September 11th, 2001. It was a one and half hour drive to Shanksville, PA, a small town set in the Appalachian mountains. When I got therr I discovered a humble yet patriotic wall of well-wishes and prayers to those who were lost in this crash and to their family members. I found myself becoming exposed to the suffering of losing a loved one as so many people feel day in and day out. My gaze fell upon a simple rock on which someone had written the words, ”Emily – 7 years old.” As I reflected on the sadness of so many loved people being taken from us I came to a deeper understanding of how much we all need to cherish the time that we have with our friends, family and fellow Americans. I also grew in my appreciation for the heroism of my American comrades who perished on Flight 93 so that more could live.

Joel also sent a photo of Mikayla on her baptism day, being held by Gabrille. See this picture at right.

Anton Zuiker

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