Go west

Mar 8, 2002

Local Weather – Denver, CO Erin and little Anna and I are off to Denver today to visit our Peace Corps friends Kevin Anderson and Erika Rundiks and their newly arrived daughter, Isla. We’ll also get up to Boulder for a meal with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Elaine and the cousins, and I’m hoping to meet up with my high school buddy Drew Berke and his wife, Pam. Kevin and I will ski one day, then give Erika and Erin a day to themselves; rumor is they’ll go to a spa for a soak.

I received word yesterday that I’ve been offered a fellowship to the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication to study medical journalism. I can’t wait to start in August.

Nick got himself a puppy earlier this week. Maybe we can get a picture to post. Nick? And Joel got a new telephone service that allows him to set up a three-way phone call, and he’s had a blast trying that feature. When he called last night, we argued on whether or not I’d ever seen the movie Hoosiers. I hadn’t, until last night. Joel wants me to take a poll: Have you seen Hoosiers, and did you like it? Leave your vote by adding a comment.

Anton Zuiker

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