Congregating in Arizona

Feb 14, 2002

My dad is off to Los Angeles today, to attend a conference at the botanical gardens, where he’ll learn about palm trees. Seems he’s got a big case involving a client falling from a rotten palm tree. After the conference, dad will fly to Phoenix to visit with my grandmother, Clarice Zuiker. He’ll also see Aunt Judy and Uncle Jack Donovan and Uncle Larry and Aunt Nancy, as well as my brother, Nick. I’v heard that Uncle Larry has a digital camera, and we’re hoping he’ll send some images to post on Zuiker Chronicles Online. Arlene Zuiker, my dad’s cousin, also just got a digital camera. I believe she’s still in Arizona for the winter. Arlene is updating the Zuiker Family Tree; if you have changes to the tree, or additions, please send an e-mail to her today.

Anton Zuiker

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