Cute Chicago Cousins

Feb 11, 2002

Notice the three pictures of the Chicago Nolan cousins; TJ sent these around today, and I imagine there was a collective smile spread among the Zuiker Family. Bella (daughter of TJ and Chris) and Rosie (daughter of Jeff and Kate) are adorable, and their little brothers sure are lucky. So is Anna. This summer, Erin will have an internship in Chicago with Lori Andrews, the leading legal and academic voice on the ethics of assisted reproductive technologies and genetic engineering (think in vitro fertilization, cloning and gene therapies). Erin has wanted to study with Andrews for years, and this is an awesome opportunity for Erin. This means that we’ll be in Chicago, staying with Erin’s sister, Katie, and Katie’s husband, Tom. While Erin is at work, I’ll introduce little Anna to the Windy City, and to Bella and Rosie. I’m excited for the chance to hang out with TJ and Jeff and their families. Prepare yourselves for a summer of pretty pictures on Zuiker Chronicles Online.

Anton Zuiker

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