In the half pipe

Feb 10, 2002

Today was a day of ups and downs …

I woke early with little Anna’s cries, and handed her off to Erin. I retrieved the morning papers and set them aside. In the kitchen, I used a new recipe to make Norwegian cinnamon rolls (this recipe came from a British cookbook, so I’m not sure why the Scandinavian distinction). I must not have followed close enough, because my dough was too moist. Not enough flour, apparently; eventuallly, I was able to get an adequate consistency and get the pan in the oven. See the picture I posted earlier showing the tasty outcome. The yeasty sweet rolls calmed me from my state of frustration. I’ve been haunted by Thoreau’s phrase ”the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” How do I know I’m not one of them?

Erin came home from studying at the library, and encouraged us to get out, so we bustled into the car and drove into Raleigh. At the NC Museum of History, Appalachian singer, storyteller and banjo player Sheila Kay Adams performed. Adams was in the film Songcatcher, and her singing today brought that movie to life.

After browsing the museum’s exhibits on the Civil War (lots of flags and soldier uniforms) we returned home. I went straight to the kitchen to prepare a pork loin roast with a Dijon mustard and herbs de Provence rub. Erin mixed up a salsa of papaya, garlic and ginger. Mmmm, that was one tasty meal. Our friends Blaine and Becky called and invited us to meet them at a local restaurant (411 West) for dessert. Blaine leaves tomorrow for a two-month stint on the island of Guam. Part of my low mood today is sadness, for Blaine has become a dear friend. I know I’ll see him soon, but it won’t be soon enough. That’s also got me reminiscing about other friendships, so don’t be surprised if you get a call sometime this week. The picture at right shows Blaine playing his guitar at Becky’s birthday party on Friday night; Blaine is a talented musician, and here he was strumming for Anna, who love music. Anna’s favorite song is from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, a tune called Down In the River to Pray. I’ve also taught Anna to shake her arms to the Beatles song Obladi Oblada.

So, now that the day is done, I’m content. With good friends and music and food and drink, life is pretty good.

Anton Zuiker

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