Feb 2, 2002 This site was mentioned in the Durham independent weekly, in an article about Chapel HIll native Colin Soloway, who was the journalist who interviewed John Walker Lindh just before he was taken into custody by the US forces in Afghanistan. War photographer Ami Vitale also has a Chapel Hill connection, and her site is beautiful.

The company that designed Vitale’s site, NeonSky Creative Mediaalso helped with this site about Muhammad Ali and this site about our evolution. (You’ll need a broadband connection to best view these sites).

Interactive Healthy Eating Index Erin mentioned this site to me; she had to use this site for one of her public health classes at UNC. The index allows you to record the food you’ve eaten, and then gives you an indication of the nutrition you may or may not receive from that food. I got a 48.2 out of 100 for today, probably because of the large tasty chocolate milkshake I allowed myself—I gave up chocolate and soda for the month of January! Earlier today I saw a FoodTV segment on the making of Hostess Twinkies, and I must admit that seeing those golden cakes started a craving in me. I can’t remember the last time I had a Twinkie. Probably sometime in high school, when I’d sit around the lunch table with my friends Craig, Kevin, Doug, Brian, Paul and Drew and eat Hostess cupcakes, HoHos, DingDongs and cherry pies.

I read in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about the annual Open That Bottle Night. This is the creation of the WSJ wine writers Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, and they urge their readers to take that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving for years—for that ”special occasion”—and make enjoying that wine THE special occasion. Gaiter and Brecher have designated Sat, Feb 23 as this year’s Open That Bottle Night. So, the New Zealand red that I’ve been saving since 1999 (the Huthlee merlot I wrote about earlier) will be the wine of choice for that night, and I just may cook lamb. What will you uncork that night?

Anthony Zuiker continues to get attention with his television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Read a recent interview.

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