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Feb 1, 2002

Duke University crushed the Carolina basketball team tonight at UNC’s Dean Dome, and Erin and I were there to witness the pummeling. Duke truly is a top team, and their swift, sure passing and shooting had Carolina twirling all night.

Can’t believe I didn’t mention my big date the other night with Erin. I made Thai spring rolls and chicken yellow curry for dinner, and then we went to hear Jubilant Sykes sing with the North Carolina Symphony (Little Anna stayed home with our friends Briton and Jon). We’d heard Sykes sing with the Cleveland Orchestra for the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Concert in Jan 2001, so I surprised Erin by taking her to hear him again in the smart new Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh. It was a fantastic date, and Erin and I couldn’t help but feel so deeply in love. And little Anna (who, it turns out, was even then beginning to suffer from roseola) is such a bonus in our lives.

This was a nice surprise today—a message from Holland from a fellow Zuiker: Hello my name is John Zuiker and and i am from Holland. I like it a lot to see that there are more familys with the same name. I see in the family history that you know that Zuiker is from the Dutch word sugar that is right but than it is with a S and not with a Z and about that there are going a lot of stories how that happend one of them is that around 1800 in the North-Holland place Nibbixwoud there whas a new cityofficial and together with the doctor he was the only one in the city how can write, Than a men came to his office and he was saying my wife gave birth to a son and we call him Jan and the official did not know how to write Sugar so he was making a mistake Jan was the 5th son so the have off the family lifes withe the name Suiker and the other have with the name Zuiker.I dont know if its true i wasnt there at the time but its a nice story. I am sorry about the writhing mistakes i hope you can read it anyway but English is a language i can speak a little but writing is something else (As always when I see the effort someone has made to write or speak in my language, I feel compelled to learn another language. President Bush is right to urge Americans to volunteer more, and I hope he follows through with his pledge to double the Peace Corps.)

Anton Zuiker

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