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Dec 9, 2001

I started the day with a 6-mile run at 6:30 this morning, and about the time I was finishing, Dad was waking up in Honolulu in preparation for his 10th marathon. The day there was overcast, and Dad’s legs cramped up during mile 17, but he finished in about 4:51:26 (see his official results at the marathon website; enter Zuiker and Joseph in the search fields at the right of the screen). Well done, Dad. Run 10 more marathons in your sixties!

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer today is a feature story about my good friend, Richard Gildenmeister. I’m quoted a few times. Please do read the story to learn more about an amazing man and a fantastic bookseller.

Little Anna and I walked over to the drugstore this afternoon, wearing sweaters for the first time in weeks. On our way through the parking lot, I noticed a car with license plate ASTERIX. To the man who got out of that car, I said, ”I like your license plate. Are you a fan of the comic?” In his French accent, he replied, ”It was my son’s choice. He likes it.” It is Asterix, a longtime cartoon character who is a favorite not only in France but around the world. When I was in college, my roommate for a semester, Stephan Liozu, introduced me to Asterix and gave me a Christmas gift of two Asterix books translated into Catalan Spanish. Stephan is from Toulouse, and his grandmother lived in the Pyrenees mountains near Spain. Today I don’t know where in the world Steph is, though I’ve spent the last five years searching. For a time he lived in Toledo, then Florida, then Belgium. I wish I could find him. Especially today, when I see a reminder of our friendship.

Ellen Goodman has a good column about how the U.S. military treats American personnel in Saudi Arabia. Have a read, and share your thoughts about what the best policy in Saudi Arabia is; post your comments by clicking on the Comments link at the end of this paragraph.

While the world has some serious issues to sort out, two hours of entertainment can also play a part. Blaine and Becky and I went to see the film Spy Game, with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. It’s a suspenseful spy flick, yes, but the subtexts about espionage, assassination, war and geopolitics play right into the current events of reality.

”Have a gentle week.”

Anton Zuiker

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