Nick finished his Americorps VISTA

Nov 15, 2001

Nick finished his Americorps VISTA service today. Congrats, Nick! Now he gets a check for $5,000, but that goes straight to the bank to pay for school loans. Nick’s flying to Chicago this weekend; he’ll visit us in North Carolina after Thanksgiving, then travel with Dad and Dot and Matt (and Dot’s sons) to Costa Rica for a Latin American Christmas. Dad and Dot are in Arizona tonight, there to visit with Grandma and Jack and Judy. Dad tells me that Jack’s father, Steve, is ill, so Judy won’t be able to join Larry and the group for the hike into the Grand Canyon. Steve, we offer our thoughts and prayers. You hikers, take lots of water and come back safely.

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Dinner tonight was pork chops and potatoes, with a red onion and beef broth gravy. My first meat-and-potatoes meal; I usually make rice with meat or fish. With dinner we drank a bottle of Joseph Drouhin 2001 Beaujolais Nouveau, the first of 2001 wines. I think today was the first day that beaujolais nouveau was available in the states, and the occasion reinforced my liking of wine.

Anton Zuiker

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