A heart-stopper today: Anna was

Nov 13, 2001

A heart-stopper today: Anna was on our bed, playing with a toy. I turned my back for a minute to read an e-mail message on the computer, and then I heard a THUMP. Little Anna had very quickly rolled across the bed and, faster than Mary Lou Retton on the floor exercises, landed on the floor. She cried for a minute, and then was fine the rest of the day, showering me with her smiles even as I withered in my embarassment. I certainly learned my lesson today: Anna stays on the floor, and my eyes stay on her at all times.

I went biking today with my friend, Blaine. Chapel Hill has some wonderful trails through the woods, and I got a good workout pedaling up and down the hills and over the many roots and fallen trees. When my pedal fell off, I figured I should get the bike tuned up (I’m using Matt’s bike until I can afford an expensive shock-resistant, oooh-inducing bicycle). Last week Blaine and Anna and I took a road trip through central North Carolina, and we hiked in the sandy hills of Weymouth Woods state park. Erin stayed home to study, so I’ll have to take her back to this park. Nearby is a golfing community, with hundreds of holes for you golfers. Come visit us in NC.

Time to go look in on little Anna sleeping in her protective crib.

Anton Zuiker

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