Near midnight, and I’m back

Nov 8, 2001

Near midnight, and I’m back from a run on the treadmill. Erin brought home a box of Krispy Kreme donuts from a reception she attended tonight, and I ate one, just one; we’re both training for a half marathon race, to be held December 15 on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Tomorrow I’ll buy a baby jogger so Anna can participate in our training. Chapel Hill has a wonderful running path, and Carrboro has good bike paths and lanes (Chapel Hill is where Erin goes to school, and Carrboro is the sister city where we live).

Congratulations to TJ and Chris Nolan on the birth of their son, Charles Francis, named after his great-grandfathers. TJ’s mom, my aunt Susan, is to be married in December. If you know the date of the wedding, please post a comment. My dad and Dot are flying to Arizona next week to visit with Judy and Jack, Larry and Nancy and Grandma Zuiker. Larry will lead a hike down into the Grand Canyon (Larry’s email address is, and he’s part of a hiking group in AZ—send him a message if you want hiking suggestions, or a tour.)

Anton Zuiker

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