Viewings One of Erin’s classmates

Oct 17, 2001

Viewings One of Erin’s classmates came over to babysit Monday night so Erin and I could sneak away for a date. We went to a nearby theatre and saw Serendipity, the new film with John Cusack. This was a very enjoyable date movie, and though it was a predictable Hollywood film, we were uplifted. Mostly that was because we were celebrating ten years together, and because as Erin recalled the first serendipitous day we met—after enrolling at Indiana University, then impulsively withdrawing, and arriving at John Carroll University as a last resort, Erin was told simply at the orientation session to “Go find Anton. He’s got your key.”—we were deeply satisfied at the trajectory of our lives together. If you’re in love, or expect to bump into your soul mate any day now, see this movie.

I ran out of shaving cream this week, and my beard reminded me of a stupid remark I once made. I was at lunch in Hawaii with my coworkers from HMSA, and the topic of mustaches came up. “I’ve never seen a mustache that looks good on a guy,” I said rashly. Then I realized two of my coworkers had mustaches, that really did look good on them. What I meant to say is that a mustache on my face looks pathetic. But I didn’t say it that way, and now I feel pathetic. A few days of not shaving and the whiskers on my face bring that gaffe to mind. Shaving cleans my face but not my slate.

Anton Zuiker

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