Radio’s Rush Limbaugh Suffers Rapid

Oct 10, 2001

Radio’s Rush Limbaugh Suffers Rapid Hearing Loss I have an admission: I once listened to Rush Limbaugh. In college, my friend Joe Cimperman and I shared a job through the Student Activities Office, where our friend and mentor Lisa Heckman worked. Our job was to regularly take the office’s two blue passenger vans to the gas station for a fill-up. One of the vans had an AM/FM radio, and when I drove that I listened to one of the many rock stations on the FM band. But when I drove the other van, which had only AM, I kept my finger on the search button. One day I stumbled upon an animated voice with some interesting viewpoints. This was Rush, and Rush before Bill Clinton, so he was tolerable and mostly rational and well read. Once Clinton was elected and Rush—and my Grandpa Sisco—started calling him Slick Willy, I switched to NPR. I haven’t listened to Rush in quite some time, but I certainly haven’t heard that he’s turned into an open-minded person. Anyway, I came across this news that Rush is losing his hearing. I’m sorry to hear that. I wonder if he’ll be able to listen to reason a bit better now.

Anton Zuiker

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