Viewings Tonight was the airing

Oct 3, 2001

Viewings Tonight was the airing of a special episode of the excellent television drama The West Wing, and this episode was downright fantastic. Its storyline revolved around our nation’s current, real issues: terrorism, vengeance and justice, tolerance and understanding, and though this was an hour of broadcast fiction, it was a very real and successful attempt to bring television viewers into the conversation and dialogue about these trying times. If you didn’t see it, find someone who might have taped it. We had some friends and classmates over to our house to watch the show, and at the snappy ending Becky said, “Now is it that hard to make an hour of television that’s worth watching?!” Let’s make Hollywood pay attention to reality in a way that gives us more intelligent programming, not the vapid “reality tv” (Sorry to those of you who like Survivor.)

Anton Zuiker

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