My brother Chris called on

Sep 27, 2001

My brother Chris called on his way home from work, as he does most days, wanting to float an incendiary remark about how liberals need to listen to the word of god. I’m convinced he says these things to get me riled up, knowing I’ll argue for tolerance and thought and discussion rather than relying on some preacher to tell me the path to goodness. Today, though, Chris had something different to say. He had just been awarded a Stanley Management prize for his good work; a $1000 check accompanied the award, and Chris says he’ll invest that prize money in real estate. Watch out! Chris is on a roll, and he intends to be self-sufficient within five years. I just hope that by the time he makes his first million he’s lost the urge to argue from the far right.

Joel pulled an Uncle Terry last week, sending us an e-mail message about a double surprise coming into his home. He had us thinking that Tracey would be having twins in December, but when we called he told us about his two new tree frogs (Uncle Terry got a snake a few weeks ago). Oh, brother …

Anton Zuiker

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