Many thanks to you for

Sep 17, 2001

Many thanks to you for coming to Zuiker Chronicles Online, and special thanks to those of you who have come back over and over to see the site. We’ve enjoyed building this online edition of the Zuiker Family newsletter, and we look forward to even more improvements. One of the most important of the next steps is to encourage more participation by our visitors. We recently implemented the comments system, to give visitors a place to share their reactions, thoughts and news. Please feel free to add your two cents—you need not be a member of the Zuiker Family. This site is for the family, yes, but also for our friends and associates. And our community is worldwide: in the first year of Zuiker Chronicles Online, we’ve had visitors from the U.S., the Netherlands, Canada, Vanuatu, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Chile, Pakistan, Australia and Norway, and we’ve had as many as 250 unique visitors in a month. Please tell a family member or a friend about our site, and as always, please share your suggestions on how we can imrove this site.

Anton Zuiker

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