The Name Game Ellen Goodman’s

Sep 7, 2001

The Name Game Ellen Goodman’s column is syndicated in the Raleigh News & Observer, and I read this essay with interest. Many of you may remember the excitement I stirred up five years ago at my wedding, when I surreptitiously announced in the wedding program that I was changing my name to Anton Shaughnessy. Erin and I had spent many, many hours discussing the name game, and I offered to accept her family name as my name … not as a slight to my own family, but as a way to honor Erin, and, of course, to be a bit non-traditional. The lesson I learned, though, was that a bit of communication can go a long way; if I’d given people a heads up, I might not have ruffled so many feathers. On the other hand, maybe more people would have weighed in on an issue that really only concerned me and Erin. Or did it? What’s your view on the name game? Should people have a right to change their names at will? How should we honor our families with our names? Hit the Comment link and share your thoughts.

Anton Zuiker

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