Let it be known: Erin

Aug 29, 2001

Let it be known: Erin and I have take up residence in North Carolina, and we are making this our home (with an eye to earning the reduced residence tuition next fall). We’ve registered our Honda CRV with the BMV, and gotten NC driver’s licences. We’ve registered to vote—City of Carrboro, Orange County, NC Congressional District 4 (but Senator Jesse Helms has stolen an election from me—his recent announcement that he won’t run for reelection next year means I can’t accomplish my life goal of voting against him). And this week we found a pediatrician for little Anna. One of Erin’s classmates suggested a doctor she’d heard was excellent with kids. And Meade Christian, MD, was wonderful. He came into the examination room, sat down, and chatted with us. He went to medical school in Cleveland back in the Sixties, at what was then Reserve University and is now Case Western Reserve University. He was gentle, and respectful, and humble, and he treated little Anna with hands of experience. When we left the office after more than an hour, we were glowing, and our relief at finding a reliable doctor for Anna more than balanced our earlier worries about our finances. North Carolina is a fine home. It’s good to be here.

Anton Zuiker

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