Well, week number one is

Aug 24, 2001

Well, week number one is complete. Erin loves her program; her classes have been exactly what she wanted (though she’s still trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of taking an online course, and biostatistics at that!), with lots of current events and public policy and questions and debates. She’ll do well. And Anna and I are getting along fine. Our first week home together went smoothly, mostly because Anna is a darling girl and quite even tempered. In fact, the only time her tempers flare are when I don’t have the bottle of milk warmed and ready for her when she wakes from her long nighttime sleep or long afternoon nap. On Wednesday we went to the farmer’s market together. Another day we joined Erin for a bus ride around the campus and a walk through the school, and I tried to maintain a disinterested look at all the cute coeds whose eyes twinkled when they saw me … or were they awed by little Anna’s serenity and beautiful blue eyes? I talked with my mom tonight, and her first week at her new school in Sturgis, Michigan, also went smoothly. Last year this school had only two Hispanic students, but this year there are eight, and mom made them feel at ease by addressing them in Spanish. I also spoke with my grandparents Sisco today. Grandma Sisco, who broke her hip a few months back, reported that she’s been cut off from her home-nursing care because, they say, if she can get out to gamble on the riverboat casino, she’s healthy enough to take care of herself. She’s famous for coming home after nights at the bingo hall and proclaiming, “I almost won!” She’s winning in my book.

Anton Zuiker

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