Pictures of the new Zuiker

Aug 15, 2001

Pictures of the new Zuiker North Carolina digs coming tomorrow. Today, a posting from Uncle Mike about the closing of 292 Juniper, as Grandma empties the house and moves out. Erin and I have named our bedrooms Studio One and Studio Two in honor of Frank the Beachcomber. What do you remember most about 292? Post your memories to the Forum.

by Mike Zuiker Park Forest. The name alone sounds so peaceful. So serene. So cool and refreshing, not unlike the great northwoods of Tomahawk. So shrewd and bold it was then, for Mom and Dad, to follow Larry’s advice and move to the suburbs. It was wild then. There where more pheasants and deer and racoons then malls. It was the center of the United States as far as the boys where concerned. How many of us made frequent visits to stay a day, week a summer, until we could get our bearings and right our ships. I believe that 292 Juniper was busier than the truck stop on the Indiana turnpike. Coming and going. No wonder Mom could not remember our names. One week John is there. The next week Denny. The next week ole whathisname. Always a full plate though. Always a warm bed. Ok so the foam mattress was thinner than the wrapper on a stick of Wrigleys chewing gum. That did not stop some of you from sleeping 12 straight hours until the next meal was presented. And oh the entertainment. With two huge picture windows at the corner of the living room, the scene constantly changed. Meteorologically speaking, the summer storms rolling over the meadow, where some of the best ever. But there was also pizza after vending. Baskins Robbins sundaes, when we did not count fat from calories. And Moms delicous home cooking, from a menu that made the Marriotts and Sextons envious. Dare I say, there was also a pecan or lemon menringue pie thrown in there somewhere. Memories by the millions. Lived by a family that lived. My memories will not be washed away by the new comers fresh coat of paint. They will live with me as long a my lungs breath and my heart pumps. I believe I see Dad picking a ripe tomato right now.

Anton Zuiker

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