Our quick trip to Pittsburgh

Aug 5, 2001

Our quick trip to Pittsburgh was very nice. My dad, as always, was very generous, and treated us to a nice meal at the Marriott Hotel restuarant (I had Chilean sea bass with a citrus buerre blanc that was very good; the tiger prawn appetizer was horribly undercooked). Grandma Zuiker was there, and Dot, Joel, Erin and Anna. We heard stories about their stay at Joel’s house in Bellwood, PA—Uncle John drove up from Virginia, expecting a leisurely visit with his mother, but instead was called upon to use his carpentry skills to add a deck to Joel’s porch. He slept in the backyard in his tent, too! Sounds like a busy week for the family there. Tracey, hope the houseful of Zuikers wasn’t too much. Dad and Dot are headed back to Hawaii today, Grandma’s going back to Linda’s for a week or so, Joel took Amtrak back to Altoona, and Erin and I are cleaning the apartment today in anticipation of our move to North Carolina tomorrow. I’ll be back in a few days … enjoy these pictures. (Click on each thumbnail photo to see the enlarged picture.)


Anton Zuiker

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