&nbsp Cleveland Free Times:

Aug 4, 2001

&nbsp Cleveland Free Times: Thoughts on Joe Breakfast this morning with my friend Joe, who recently announced that he’d not run for mayor of Cleveland and instead run for reelection to his city council seat. Joe is a dynamite politician and dear friend, and we’ll watch his progress on these pages. He’s hoping to lead the effort to have Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport converted into public park and beach space, much like Chicago is doing with Meig’s Field. I’ve been reading a lot of editorials and analyses in the papers lately, and I’m still quite cynical toward George Bush. Luckily, Joe far surpasses 43 in passion, intelligence, dedication, hard work and sound policy. With friends and leaders like Joe, our country can continue to tackle tough issues and find exciting ways to live together. Do you know a leader or politician like Joe? Post a profile to the Forum.

Anton Zuiker

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