We’re almost all packed up.

Aug 3, 2001

We’re almost all packed up. Tonight, Erin’s sister, Mary came by to babysit; Anna had a series of immunizations today, and was miserable most of the day. But she was a doll for Mary, and Erin and I walked over to Fire, a new restaurant on Shaker Square, to celebrate our 5-year anniversary. The square is an amazing story—last year the place was dead, but tonight the new restuarants were hopping, the bookstore had drummers out front, the show cars were starting to arrive for tomorrow’s British Car Day, black and white and Arab and Chinese families were licking ice cream cones, and the Wild Oats market and adjacent movie theater were both busy. Our meal was wonderful. I had melon and prosciutto salad, the best gin-and-tonic I’ve ever tasted (Bombay Sapphire gin), and grilled salmon on risotto with a tasty brown sauce. Erin drank a riesling with her gazpacho and flank steak with black bean and corn salsa. As we were eating, we realized that our very first date, nearly ten years ago, had brought us to this same space, an Arabica coffee house then. Ten years later, Erin is as beautiful as ever and I’m deeper in love.

Anton Zuiker

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