Busy days, and I haven’t

Aug 2, 2001

Busy days, and I haven’t been very attentive to Zuiker Chronicles Online. Know that soon after I get set up in North Carolina next week, I’ll be posting a new design and navigation, along with a new PhotoLog to show off pictures from my digital camera and your own photographs. This Saturday, Erin, Anna and I will drive to Pittsburgh to meet up with my father and Dot, my brother Joel and Grandma Zuiker. Dad and Dot and Grandma fly out Sunday morning, so it will be a quick visit. Then back to Cleveland to start packing the truck. We drive out of here Tuesday morning. The last two weeks have been busy, with lots of parties and meals and lunches. Our friends and colleagues have been very generous, and I truly feel accepted, loved and soon-to-be-missed. Thanks to those who have hosted parties in our honor or taken us out to dinner: Erin’s boss Patti Choby and her staff, my friends Richard Gildenmeister and Paul Bojka and Mike Murray, my mentor John Ettorre, my OneDomino colleagues Jack Solpa and Jack Ricchuito, the Youth Challenge crew and Butch McCarty, and Erin’s parents Dan and Joanne Shaughnessy. Many of them will also come by on Monday to help us pack the truck. If you’d like to join in and help out, stop by our apartment at Shaker Square between 10 and 3.

Our new address and phone number will be: 601 Jones Ferry Rd Apt N-11, Carrboro, NC 27510-2154. Phone: 919.928.8659 or my cell phone 216.256.5671.

Anton Zuiker

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