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Jul 25, 2001

New photos of Anna at She’s a photogenic littl angel, and my new Canon Digital Elph S-110 camera is capturing her precious moments. Yesterday we drove out to the country with Erin’s mom, Joanne; we visited the house and farm where Joanne grew up, and where her cousin Barbara lives now. Barbara served us a lunch of fresh vegetables that her husband Butch grew in a garden out back, and we ate sweet corn picked an hour before lunch. Later, we toured the new house of Erin’s cousin Charlie Murray and his family (click on the thumbnail photos below to see the house). This huge house is on Lake Erie just half a mile from Cedar Point amusement park, and the architect and interior designer that created this home have done very, very well. By the time Erin, Anna and I arrived at our own home—boiling from the day’s heat—I was feeling good from this visit to the countryside. There’s just something perfect about country air and farmer’s fields and fresh vegetables and old cemeteries and town squares.


Anton Zuiker

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