My father submitted this in

Jul 22, 2001

My father submitted this in response to the last few weblog entries:

Grudges….not really…my younger brother Larry made the Rosemoor Rockets baseball team and got a uniform to wear. I died a thousand deaths when i was cut and given a baseball. i had to form my own team of misfits and join the Gately Park baseball league, managing at 12 years old. Slim, my brother, went on to his a couple of home runs and pitch some good games for the Rockets.I survived. As to 292 Dad was always happy to see me at the railroad station or at the motel where the airport bus came in. He was filled with enthusiasm for his projects, the basement work room, the upstairs roo, his camera and his salads. Great memories, Mom an Dad sharing coffee and talking to each other so respectfully about their concerns—- at 3 am in the morning.

Anton Zuiker

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