The subject of grudges came

Jul 19, 2001

The subject of grudges came up in the car yesterday, as we talked about how families react when parceling out their parents’ estate. An up-to-date will is crucial to heading off conflict, yet even with a person’s wishes spelled out, it seems that problems can still arise. The dictionary defines grudge as ‘to be unwilling to give or admit’ and ‘feeling of deep-seated resentment or ill will.’ There are ongoing historical grudges, of course—Protestant vs. Catholic in Northern Ireland, Jew vs. Muslim in Jerusalem, Serb vs. Croat vs. Bosnian in the former Yugoslavia—and family grudges like the McCoys vs. the Hatfields. Personal grudges can be debilitating…though I can’t say that I currently hold any grudges, or know of anyone begrudging me. If you do resent me for some reason, please tell me so that I can make amends. Are there smoldering grudges in the Zuiker family? I hope not. The lessons I’ve learned from my grandparents, and especially my mother, about forgiving and forgetting, have been instrumental in my life as I’ve sought peace with my friends, family and neighbors. What do you think about grudges? Post your comments in the Zuiker Forum.

It came today. A notice from the IRS and President Bush kindly informed Erin and me that we’ll be receiving a check sometime soon for $600. No mention of the morass our country may find itself in soon because of such profligate redeeming. Take a look at 43’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2002 (which starts in October, I believe). US Budget 2002 Please contact one or all of your elected representatives today. Even if you don’t have a specific complaint or suggestion, at least share your ideas on what our nation’s priorities should be. Don’t let 43’s fatcat friends determine how our national resources are to be used.

Anton Zuiker

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