Yesterday was my final day

Jul 14, 2001

Yesterday was my final day at work (for a while, at least). I feel relieved to be finished with my employment at EmployOn, and eager to move to North Carolina to start a new adventure. Erin helped me celebrate by taking Anna and I down to Cleveland’s inner harbor, where a handful of two-masted schooners—“tall ships”—were moored for the weekend in sight of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. We took the train from Shaker Square, where we live, to the waterfront, and walked around the park in beautiful sunshine. Cleveland truly is a great city on clear days like yesterday (click on the thumbnail photo below to see the full picture). Maybe Erin and I and kids will be back in a few years, after graduate school and another stint abroad. Today, another glorious day, we spent on the square, shopping the farmers’ market and then eating lunch with Erin’s parents and family friends Tim and Mary Detmer. This evening, Erin and I and Anna attended a birthday party/political fundraiser for my friend Joe Cimperman. He’s running for reelection to his city council seat, though half of Cleveland thinks he should run for mayor. Our long-time mayor, Michael White, is stepping down later this year; there’s a crowded field of candidates … little Anna, though she won’t be able to vote for another 17 years, 8 months, is already choosing sides (click on the thumbnail photo below to see the full picture). Last thought of the day: As I was packing some boxes yesterday, I came across an old T-shirt from 1984. Remember this shirt commemorating the Zuiker Jamboree and Aunt Judy and Uncle Jack’s 25th wedding anniversary? (click on the thumbnail photo below to see the full picture)


Anton Zuiker

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