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Jun 28, 2001

Readings I read this short story a few days before I gave notice of my resignation from my current job at EmployOn, Inc. Erin and I and Anna will be relocating to North Carolina in August. Erin will attend the University of North Carolina Graduate School of Public Health; I’m very proud of Erin for getting into this school, rated the third best in the nation after Johns Hopkins and Harvard—both schools geared more to professional medical personnel. (Speaking of Harvard, here’s another interesting article, about Harvard’s $19 billion endowment. Only the Roman Catholic Church has more socked away!) We’re travelling to North Carolina tomorrow to find an apartment. Once we get there, I’ll stay home with Anna, freelance as a writer and editor, and spend more time developing the Zuiker Chronicles Online and my other website project, VanAmericanNiusOnline. Watch the Zuiker Chronicles Online for more news about our move.

Anton Zuiker

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