Marathon Joe in San Diego.

Jun 23, 2001

Marathon Joe in San Diego. See the earlier post about his finish time.

Time to relive some high school memories … I signed up for the website earlier this week, adding my name to the hundred or so others of the DeKalb High School Class of 1988. Although I haven’t paid the $30 annual fee that will allow me to contact my classmates, I have already received a message from one of those Barbs, Nora Mangan. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with others in my high school class. Which is what Erin did tonight at her 10-year reunion at Magnificat High School in Rocky River, Ohio. I attended this reunion with her, and enjoyed meeting her classmates, and talking with their spouses. My conversations ranged from a discussion about fancy sports cars (Porsche Boxsters and 959s) to the Tao te Ching (my favorite translation is by Stephen Mitchell) to crime rates and the death penalty in Philadelphia. People have so many stories, and I am fascinated by their experiences and decisions and motivations. And it’s always nice to watch someone develop from high school kid to young adult to professional to family. I enjoyed my high school years, but now the only way I want to relive them is through dialogue with my classmates.

Anton Zuiker

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