There are times when a

Jun 21, 2001

There are times when a phone call inspires me. When my dad, or Erin’s sister Katie, or our friends Kevin and Erika call to tell us of their latest activity or destination or social engagement. Such as when dad calls to say he’s run a half-marathon, served soup in the homeless shelter, eaten a new Thai restaurant and attended the concert of a famous Spanish Flamenco guitarist—all in the same day! Or when Katie calls to say she and her husband Tom have biked 50 miles through the city of Chicago to visit hot new art galleries. Or when Erika explains their latest spa visit and gourmet meal in the mountains of Colorado. Or even when my college friend Bridget calls to proudly share what her daughter Fiona did that day (Fiona celebrates her first birthday this week—Happy Birthday Fi.). The inspiration, for me, is to witness friends and family living full and active lives, making the most of cultural, urban, rural, social and personal opportunities. This is a lesson my parents taught me, and it has infused my choices. Now, I’m teaching Anna to appreciate life … though her visits to the Cleveland Art Museum and to the Indian ballet and to the Shaker Lakes haven’t seemed to impress her much yet. But, oh, she will. Are you appreciating life today?

Readings The Atlantic Monthly is one of my favorite magazines. In this month’s issue, the cover story is an excerpt from James Fallows’s book about the coming new era of air travel in the U.S. Seems as if there’s some quiet but important innovation happening in the small-jet industry. Fallows predicts a time soon when we’ll be able to rent air-taxis, like renting a car, to fly between small airfields near where you live and work. It’s a good article. Read this interview with Fallows about his book. Buy the book.

Anton Zuiker

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