Bono at Harvard Rock start

Jun 14, 2001

Bono at Harvard Rock start Bono, of U2, spoke at Harvard recently. Check out these poetic lines from his speech (click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to read the entire speech).

Politics is, as you know, normally the art of the possible but this was something more interesting. This was becoming the art of the impossible. We had priests going into pulpits, pop stars into parliaments. The Pope put on my sunglasses.

Didn’t John and Robert Kennedy come to Harvard? Isn’t equality a son of a bitch to follow through on. Isn’t “Love thy neighbour” in the global village so inconvenient? GOD writes us these lines but we have to sing them … take them to the top of the charts, but its not what the radio is playing – is it? I know.
If you haven’t discovered U2’s latest cd, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, get it today. You’ll love it.

Anton Zuiker

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