Dad and Terry called from

Jun 3, 2001

Dad and Terry called from the start line of the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in San Diego, and then they checked in with Grandma Zuiker from mile 13. Dad called back soon after crossing the finish line in 4 hours 37 minutes (Terry’s finish time to come). Great job, Goggles. Perhaps it’s time to start calling you Shoes, instead! Terry, hope your finish was as smooth. Joe and Terry are perfect examples of the Zuiker determination, that set-a-goal-and-accomplish-it mentality. Like Grandma, who’s already thinking of her 90th birthday this October—she wants to celebrate by going up in a hot air balloon over Arizona. That’s the Zuiker spirit of exploration!

I started the morning in my the garage of my Aunt Ginger and Uncle Stoddard Allen in DeKalb, dismantling my brother Matt’s mountain bike. I’ll ship that to Ohio so that I can use it this summer. (Thank you Ginger and Stoddard for helping me loosen that stubborn bolt.) Yesterday, Ginger and Stoddard met us at the new DeKalb County Nursing Home, where my Grandma Sisco is recovering from a broken hip. Our impromptu ice cream party was one of the more touching moments of my year—a celebration of generations of life. Anna is certainly part of a dynamic family.

Anton Zuiker

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