“What’s the best meal you’ve

Jun 1, 2001

“What’s the best meal you’ve eaten?” Erin asked me the other night as we sat in our living room eating a pizza she had baked.

I thought for a moment, and answered that, having had some tasty meals in the last 10 years, it was hard to answer definitively.

“Though I’ll tell you the single best dish I’ve ever tasted,” I told her. “That appetizer we had at Going Bananas Restaurant in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. The lychee stuffed with prawn meat. That was something to remember.”

It was a sumptious, velvety and electrifying dish. Order it if you ever get to Port Douglas.

For an entree, I had a kangaroo steak; it was tasty, but a bit soft. Going Bananas is a memorable destination, known for the owner, a guy who was dressed in a blue-and-white sarong the night we dined there, and who peppers pretty women with attention.

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Anton Zuiker

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