The One-Two Punch: The 17th

Apr 19, 2001

The One-Two Punch: The 17th was Anna Zuiker’s birthday, and the 18th was Erin’s birthday. We celebrated by learning how to breastfeed, change diapers, murmur our love and adoration, and gaze blinkingly into the eyes of our mama and papa. Thank you to everyone who shared your greetings and congratulations. We three are humbled by the display of family and community love that has come from people near and far. You all played a special part in the joy of our new daughter, and Erin and I are grateful to you. You are Anna’s village. (If you’d like to post a birthday message to Erin, please click the Discuss link at the end of this paragraph.) By the way, the Peace Corps office in Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila, has called over to Liro Village on Paama Island to share our good news, and to tell our dear friend Enna that we’ve named our baby after her. (To see a picture of Enna, go to and see her standing beneath a taro plant.)

Anton Zuiker

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