Notes from Uncle Terry: When

Apr 11, 2001

Notes from Uncle Terry: When we lived in Virginia, a couple of inches of snow could shut down the schools for several days. When we moved to Wyoming we discovered that snow days were pratically non-existent. Also we soon discovered that an accurate weather forecast was in the same boat. Promises of heavy snow came and went and no snow was found. So yesterday when the prediction for heavy snow was forecast and everyone in my office began to develop the snow cancellation telephone chain, I sort of dismissed it as wishful thinking. Last night leaving the Air Force gym it began to snow and the wind (infamous or famous in Wyoming depending on your perspective) began to fall and howl. And it continued to fall and howl all through the night. By this morning we had anywhere from 5 to 8 inches of snow and snow drifts in excess of 4 feet. Needless to say, with the wind howling at over 40 miles per hr, we had “white-out” conditions and NO SCHOOL OR WORK!!!! So this morning has been a blessing from the Lord with sleeping in late, snowball fights with the kids, and baking bread with my wife. Could anything be better? Yes, the weather prediction for tempertures in the 60’s for Easter Sunday.

Anton Zuiker

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