Grandma Sisco is holding on,

Apr 10, 2001

Grandma Sisco is holding on, battling pneumonia and recovering from her broken hip. Please pray for her. Meanwhile, Erin and I wait for the birth of Baby Z, as we get closer to a deadline for our decision on which school to attend. If you missed my earlier post, here’s our conundrum: Erin has been accepted to the 2-year master’s of public health program at Yale University and the University of North Carolina, and I’ve been accepted to the 10-month graduate journalism program at Columbia University in New York. We want to make the best decision, in a way that keeps family and baby foremost and allows us to earn graduate degrees to advance our careers. What’s your advice? Share your thoughts with me

Jennifer Zuiker is visiting Justin this week. Jennifer, please send an update with photos.

Anton Zuiker

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